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I am an every day woman who LOVES my naturally nappy curly kinky koily hair. I was on a quest to learn more about natural hair products, accessories and hair stylists in the DFW area. There was no place to turn for advice; therefore, this group and web site was created – for myself and for others to obtain additional information about natural hair. I asked myself why do those who have curly kinky hair feel that they must chemically treat it and otherwise damage their scalp and hair simply to be accepted by society? Why are we trying so hard to fit in when we were born to stand out. Kinky, koily, curly, wavy, black hair is natural and truly very beautiful and no one should feel that they must change a fundamental part of their appearance simply to be accepted by society.

Nappiology, Inc is slowly trying to change the negative thought process of our mainstream society by educating, embracing and celebrating our nappy roots and natural beauty. I want to make it more accepted for women and men to embrace their napptural (nappy/natural) beauty and nappy roots. Overall, I want to teach people to love their natural hair and show them how to care for it.

We are blessed to be born with beautiful curly kinky koily hair and we should be able to show off our napptural beauty to the world. Nappiology, Inc wants to instill a positive message for those who embrace their natural beauty and nappy roots. The amount of nappiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart.

Much love and nappiness!!

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